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2019 Presets Pack

Teal and Orange Preset

Often used in Cinema and on Instagram, this preset pulls together the stylish pair of teal hued blues and mild orange together. We added a little bit of grain, flattened your blacks, added some mild contrast, and brought down your highlights. 

This preset will pair with minimalist aesthetics as well as outdoor scenes with lots of yellow and blue hues.

Golden Preset

Golden photos are usually on the moodier side, sometimes nostalgic, other times much more dreamlike. Golden hues pair nicely with fall photos, elopements, and moody lifestyle shots. We muted the greens, blues, and altred the palet to bring out rusty oranges and tans. 

When photographing to use this preset, keep mind bright colors won't pair. Earth tones, black, and white work best. 

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