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Architecture and construction firms need video marketing too. 

The architecture and construction industry tend to lag behind, so here's your chance to leap ahead of your competition. 80% of all internet consumption is video, that means your firm should be showing off your design and craftsmanship with video before your competition beats you to the punch.  Whether you're a large general contractor pulling in 220 Million, or a small flooring installer, video should be part of your marketing mix. 

Video walkthroughs are an inexpensive way to highlight your expertise and past projects. These videos are generally a minute to a minute and half with upbeat music,  your logo, and easily uploaded to your social media profiles and hosted on your website. 

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JHL has contracted me to film several walkthroughs of completed projects, create videos with animated text, and generate other social media posts. Please note, the photography and drone footage was not created by me in these videos. 

EvolveLAb/On Point Scans

As an EvolveLAB/On Point Scans employee I generated weekly videos for social media. This resulted in gaining 300+ new followers on LinkedIn per month, and tons of new leads. 

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