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Content Creators. 

(We are much more talented than that.)

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I'm a multitalented creator and strategist with a big personality. "I have a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over" my career. Skills like professional-level photography, video creation, graphic design, creative storytelling, and a comprehensive marketing toolkit. 


Marketing, storytelling, photography, and videography are four of my favorite things. After five years of marketing in the Construction and Software industries, three years of wedding photography, I've branched out and combined my talents and passions into one business that offers video content marketing creation and consulting.


Side note: Yes, I will drop miscellaneous action movie quotes here and there. 

Owner, Director, Creator

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Photo Editing Specialist

World traveler, gelato snob, student, and photographer, Carlien Coetzee is our in house photo editing expert. Carlien has learned photo editing under Cassandra's guidance and is currently learning the rest of the photography trade under her mentorship. 

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Treat Taste Tester Specialist

Echo is easily the best-looking member on the team. However, we question her work ethic. She's usually at Cassandra's side in the office or laying right on top of her feet. Her responsibilities include napping, treat taste testing, guarding her water bowl, and the occasional nose nudges. If we ever need a dog model, you already know who it is. 

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Denver, CO  |  Tel: 720-646-2624

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